Our Community Needs It. We're working together to build it. For many years our Board of Directors has contemplated adding internet service as an option for our members.  It is a growing trend in electric cooperatives throughout the nation and there is a growing need for quality high-speed internet here in the valley as people are relying on the internet for their day-to-day tasks. After much research, including evaluating input from our members, review of feasibility studies, visiting with other co-ops deploying the service, and consultations with experts, our Board decided to acquire Grizzly Broadband. By working with an already established and lucrative internet business, our two teams together can help build and expand quality internet services throughout the Bitterroot Valley. While this goal will be beneficial to all, we realize it will take time and patience and we hope you understand this too.

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What are the benefits of owning GBB?

This partnership will allow 2 organizations to combine their resources and decades of experience to offer affordable, high-speed internet services to members and customers in the coming years and improve the quality of life for those in the areas we both serve.